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Monday, July 12, 2010

Some new sketches

This is a WIP. I just wanted to draw some mermaids, and there's going to be a third girl on the right. She'll be having a conversation with the girl on the left, while the girl in the middle just sits there rolling her eyes... Don't know how I'll finish this picture. Maybe inked?
A couple of warm ups. I was watching the Wizard of Oz while I was doing these. Also, the lizard sketches are numbered 1-3. The first one is the initial idea I wanted to get across, the second is a variant, good but not in the same direction, and the third is more of the way I wanted the sketch to turn out. A little glimpse of my thought process. ;)
A sketch that is till a WIP. Not sure how I plan on finishing this... Still needs a little work on her face as well.